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We have built a world which is founded on exploitation and destruction. We have commodified nonhuman animals, turned them into products so we can accumulate more. From eating their bodies, to wearing their skin, from turning them into entertainment to “domestication”. We have indeed created hell on earth for individuals who, like us, want to live, be happy and free.

[blockquote author=”” pull=”pullleft”]Nonhuman animals resist and fight back at every chance they have.[/blockquote]

On this project, we highlight their stories of resistance. These stories are way more common than we think. The reason why we don’t hear as many, is not because they don’t exist, but is because we do everything we can to minimize them. Cages, crates, electric prods, single-file chutes – these are all technology devices designed and used to disempower nonhuman animals so they don’t resist. Yet they still fight, any chance they get.

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